PumpkinPro Diet Shake - Hazelnut


nutrez PumpkinPro Diet shake drink powder with pumpkin seed protein and hazelnut flour - 600 g

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    Nutrez PumpinPro diet shakes are designed to support healthy weight loss with complete macronutrient profile.

    • Real flavours of nourishing ingredients to get rid of oversweetened foods and crazy aromas. Find your way back from highly processed foods and to start enjoying natural tastes, a key to a balanced diet that you can maintain without constant cravings.
    • Nutritious plant-based proteins. Protein helps to protect your muscle mass while you burn fat, a key to healthy weight loss.
    • Soluble fibres from chicory root and oat bran extracts, to keep you full for hours and to indulge your gastrointestinal microflora.
    • A tiny amount of complex carbs from wholemeal, gluten-free oats.
    • Less than 180 kcal in a shake.
    • Flavoured with real, raw hazelnut flour.
    20 g
    10 g
    -70 %


    • Pumpkin seed protein: a raw, vegan protein source packed with micronutrients.
    • Lysine: a natural essential amino acid to make pumpkin seed protein fully complete and balanced.
    • Oat: oat bran extract high in beta-glucans (prebiotic soluble fibres) and wholemeal oat flour (source of complex carbs). Each portion contains 1500 mg beta-glucans. Oat beta-glucans contribute to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels. This beneficial effect can be obtained with 3000 mg beta-glucans (2 shakes) daily.
    • Inulin: a soluble fibre from chicory root, supporting healthy gut flora. Its mild taste also brings a touch of natural sweetness to your shake.
    • Contains only nutritious ingredients, without any additives. No preservatives, no colourants, no added sugar or sweeteners.
    • Natural, vegan and gluten-free.
    • This shake is flavoured only with hazelnut flour: raw hazelnuts are partially defatted by cold pressing and then ground into a fine flour. Hazelnut brings a mild but unique flavour and it is also a great source of protein.


    Grams of each macronutrients you get from one portion (50 g).

     Carb    Fibre    Fat    Protein


    Calories you get from each macronutrients by consuming one portion.


     Carb    Fibre    Fat    Protein


        50 g

      Dosage recommendation

    You just need a shaker bottle, a spoon and water. Put 50 grams from nutrez Diet Shake powder (about 4 tablespoons) into your shaker bottle, add 200-400 ml water, shake well and drink instantly - or wait for a few minutes to get a smoother, thicker drink. If you prefer, you can also use any type of milks or plant based drinks. You can also add the powder to yoghurt, smoothie or your muesli bowl - or add some vanilla extract, cocoa, sweeteners or a shot of fresh espresso - adjusted to your taste and mood every day. 

    If you are in a hurry or want to have a quick and healthy low-calorie meal during the day, just measure the shake powder into your bottle and take that with you. You will just need to add water in the office or on the go. No matter how busy you are, you can have a quick and nutritious shake.

    Regular portion is 50 g, but you can fine-tune according to your needs and your goals. Use a full portion to swap a main meal or a half portion, just as a healthier alternative to greasy and sugary mid-day snacks. The mild, natural tastes might help you to get an appetite for healthier options for your other meals during the day. One or two portions recommended daily.

    After use, always close the bag tightly with the zip lock. Store in a cool and dry place.

    Recommended portion: 50 g, prepared with water.
    One bag (600 g) contains 12 portions.

    Nutrition value in
    100 g
    50 g
    335 kcal
    1401 kJ
    167 kcal
    700 kJ
      Of which saturates
    7.4 g
    2.1 g
    3.7 g
    1.1 g
      Of which sugars*
    14.9 g
    4.8 g
    7.5 g
    2.4 g
    Fibre 20.9 g 10.5 g
    Protein 41.7 g 20.9 g
    Salt < 0.10 g < 0.10 g
    * Made with no added sugars. Contains sugars naturally occuring in the ingredients.

    45% pumpkin seed protein, oat bran extract (gluten-free), 15% hazelnut flour, wholemeal oat flour, inulin (soluble fibres from chicory roots), L-lysine HCl. Might contain traces of other nuts, sesame, mustard seeds.
    (For allergens, see ingredients in bold )